iPhone 12 As the series progresses to become the most successful series in Apple history, leaks continue to come for the iPhone 13 series. Now, a mock-up design for the iPhone 13 has been leaked to the internet.

What will the iPhone 13 offer?

iPhone 13 Claims that the notch about the series would shrink came to the agenda from solid sources. This week, the iPhone 13 Pro model prepared for accessory manufacturers confirms the claims.

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We understand from the model design that there will be no serious external changes in the iPhone 13 series. On the inside, of course, there are important changes, but Apple has focused a little more on the notch on the outside. It appears that the notch in the model is 5.35mm long and 26.8mm wide. It was 5.35mm long and 34.83mm wide on the iPhone 12 series.

We can say that the biggest notch in the smartphone world is in Apple. Competitors try not to cover the screen with dots, water drops or U-shaped notches, but due to the Face ID system, the notch continues to eat from the screen in the iPhone family.

The iPhone 13 series is expected to feature features such as the Apple A15 Bionic chipset, smaller battery capacity, significant improvements on the camera side, LTPO screen technology, 120Hz refresh rate, 1TB storage option.


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