LG Mobile, which has become the locomotive of its company with its acclaimed smart phones many years ago, unfortunately, this time humped on its back with the losses it suffered one after another. LG now wants to get rid of this burden.

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LG Mobile It has been on the agenda for some time that the part will be withdrawn from the smartphone market in the near future. Although the company initially denied this, it gradually moved to the silence and finally the verification phase.

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The South Korean electronics giant has officially confirmed its claims to withdraw from the mobile market today. As of July 31, the mobile section is completely shut down. The company will no longer produce any new phones and efforts will be made to run out of stocks. It will continue to provide support for existing LG smartphones, although the conditions vary according to the region within a certain period of time.

The decision to withdraw from the mobile market LG It is stated that it is also approved by the board of directors. From now on, LG will focus on sectors such as smart home appliances, white goods, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, electric vehicle components where it is successful. Modular LG G5with rotatable display LG Wing Unfortunately, innovative models such as, were not enough to save the company.


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