LG announced its smartphone part with its statement this morning. stopper officially announced. South Korean tech giant as of July 31 mobile device section will lower the shutters.

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Before LG Mobile pulled out of the market one last flagship The smartphone is said to be able to release more. According to sources close to the company V70 The model can be released in May-June.

Allegedly belonging to the flagship phone high quality The image shows a very stylish device with a curved screen. Not all that is limited to this, Technicial Specifications There are some details on the subject.

Snapdragon 888 processor and 5,300 mAh battery

LG V70’in Snapdragon 888 processor with a refresh rate of 120 Hz 6.5 inç AMOLED display and 45W fast charging supported 5.300 mAh It is reported to come with batteries. On the back of the smartphone quad camera there is a unit. Of the module Samyang It is remarkable that it is equipped with lenses.

Let’s see LG Mobile has released a last flagship phone and it is in the mouth of userspleasant taste“Will it leave the market by leaving? Or the company device is almost completely out of daylight. Will he put it on the shelf? We’ll wait and see.


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