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Mark Zuckerberg‘s personal data, 533 million The result of the sensational leak of the Facebook user account scattered on the internet. This important information is the cyber security expert Dave Walker announced by.

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Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps for data breach

Mark Zuckerberg’in phone number, address, personal identifierand some other information to spread started. Walker also told reporters to Zuckerberg any question joked that if they wanted to ask, they could contact him on the number leaked to the network. In addition, the leaked table is that of the other two builders of the platform Chris Hughes and Dustin MoskovitzIt also includes personal data of.

Data of 19 million Turkish users also leaked

Facebook is a global data leak April 3thtook place in. Unknown persons, from hacker forums in one, they published personal data of platform users.

On the list From 106 different countries Includes information about platform users. The most leaked records belong to users from Egypt (44 million), Tunisia (39 million), Italy (35 million), the United States (32 million) and Saudi Arabia (28 million). In addition, the database 19 million Turks contains personal data.

Hudson Rock researcher Alon Gal to hack attackers’ user accounts and social engineering to fake it through database They state that you can use it.

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