Business intelligence company traded on NASDAQ, fueling the rise in BTC with its purchases since 2020 MicroStrategy’den there is new news. MicroStrategy is worth about $ 15 million in a very recent statement by the company’s CEO, Michael Saylor. 253 more BTC It was announced that he had purchased

In the statement made, this purchase Bitcoin It was stated that it was realized with an average of 59,339 dollars per head. Right now with MicroStrategy last move about $ 5.3 billion has 91,326 BTC worth.

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According to the data we got from Bitcoin Treasuries, the Wall Street giant After MicroStrategy Other companies holding the most Bitcoins are other Wall Street giants Tesla and Square. Currently the second most Bitcoin-owned company after MicroStrategy with 48,000 BTC Tesla. Digital payments company Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, third after Tesla Square takes place. Square, on the other hand, currently has about 8,028 BTC.

As reserve currency Top 5 companies with the most Bitcoins in that:

  1. MicroStrateg Inc:. 91.326 BTC
  2. Tesla Inc.: 48.000 BTC
  3. Square. 8.028 BTC
  4. Marathon Digital Holdings. 5.067 BTC
  5. Galaxy Digital Holdings: 4.000 BTC

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