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Sources close to the industry in the second half of this year Chinese company VivoA productive new generation with a number of interesting features of NEX launching your smartphone what you planned reported.

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Of the device LG Display It is claimed to get a waterfall display with high resolution and curved edges. Screen size not specified, but likely crosswise Will exceed 6.5 inches. Front camera directly to the bottom of the screen It is said to have been placed. In this way, through hole and from the notch will be saved; in addition, retractable selfie mechanism it will not need to be used either.

It may go on sale as Vivo NEX 5

In addition to these Zeiss optikli There is talk of a multi-module rear camera. Smartphone, ITo P68 standard Accordingly, it will also have a case protected against moisture and dust. The device, 120 watt super fast charging Super FlashCharge and 60 watt It is stated that it will come with wireless charging support. New product to the commercial market I live NEX 5 can enter by name. Course device fifth generation (5G) will be able to work in cellular networks.

Counterpoint research firm was smart last year in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic phone shipments Compared to 2019 10% dropped guesses. Vivo is about With 8% market share one of the biggest players in the global market.

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