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Finn telecommunications giant Nokia, HMD Global especially fast software updates and low cost Android One Thanks to its smart phones, it has formed a very large fan base. It seems that Nokia is in the upcoming period user experience plans to improve it further.

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Nokia, a platform dedicated to the business world LinkedInposted a new job posting in User Experience Specialist (UX designer) announces his calling. Explanation, too much detail for Nokia’s future plans. two options offers. Nokia, ya own user interface is planning to develop or in third party apps preparing to change the interface.

An official statement from the company is expected

Low cost Nokia smartphones almost always Android One It comes with the default Android interface as it is included in the platform. Also, Nokia even for non-Android One smartphones a pure Android interface prefers. Nokia has developed the original user interface to do this. change may ask.

Android One, companies own pre-installed It does not prevent them from offering their application. Therefore, Nokia complete instead of developing an interface, developing new custom applications or interfacing existing applications improve may ask. For more information, see Nokia’s official statement expected to do.

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