Published by Square Enix and developed by People Can Fly action role-playing game Outriders, was published recently. However, there is an interesting missing in the game.

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In fact, one of the most important features in every game that is not online may not come to our mind at first, but the game is we can say the pause feature. When I say pause game feature “Pause” I’m talking about the feature, not a more complex feature. Being able to stop the game is a very important issue and no one does not use this feature. However, Outriders, one of the most curious games of this year, does not have such a feature.

Of the game for one person playing mode; when your door knocks, when you need to go to the bathroom, or anything you cannot pause the game. Only If you have an Nvidia graphics cardYou can pause the game in a different way.

As you know, Nvidia GeForce Experience has an application named and this application has various applications for games. customized settings you can Also from the game images and videos you can also save. In GeForce Experience the photo-saving mode, Ansel mode By running it, you can both get an image you want from the game and also stop the game and take a short break. Unfortunately, you cannot pause the game in any other way.

Such a simple feature It is really surprising that it was not included in the game. Outriders right now Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Stadia ve PC has been published for. Also for game console Xbox Game PassIt is also located in.


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