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Operating system Huawei has been developing for a while HarmonyOSThe 3rd beta version of was released recently. A new feature was discovered in the version, which includes more than 1000 APIs, various optimizations and changes.

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Huawei is taking firm steps towards creating an ecosystem

Super TerminalThis feature, called “”, focuses on creating an ecosystem and enables all Huawei devices to automatically communicate with each other. This feature, placed directly in the settings menu, includes phones, tablets, batteries, speakers, computers, cameras and all devices in Huawei’s product portfolio. without the need for a third party app allows it to communicate automatically. Thus, Huawei users will be able to easily transfer data between directly connected devices.

Although such functions can already be performed thanks to the Huawei Share feature, it is limited only between phones, computers and tablets. However, thanks to the Super Terminal function, which is a product of the 1 + 8 + N philosophy that aims to create an ecosystem by enabling all Huawei devices to communicate with each other, the number of connected devices will increase communication and user experience between devices will be improved.

HarmonyOS operating system as of april It is stated that it will be released for flagship smartphones.

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