The cinema industry has been a big part of our lives for years and we have watched many successful movies in this process. One of the best among these movies, the best for me The Godfather Describing the process behind the film The Offer The director of the TV series has been announced.

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The Offer isimli Paramount + series, He will tell the behind-the-scenes events of 1972’s The Godfather and is the producer of The Godfather Albert S. RuddyIt will shed light on many unknown events of Turkey. Sequence Of 10 episodes will occur. According to the latest statement, the series is directed by Rocketman. Dexter Fletcher will undertake.

Writer and executive producer of the series. Author and creator of Escape from Dannemora. Michael Tolkin will undertake. Normally in the acrobat of the series Armie Hammer was to be found, but after the recent events about him It is not known whether he will continue the role. He left or was dismissed from almost all of his projects after the events.

Of the series release date unfortunately unknown. also Barry Levinson; The production of The Godfather starring Elisabeth Moss, Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal Francis and the Godfather He is preparing a movie called.

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