USA based software company Synopsysof the most downloaded Android apps At 60% numerous security bug Has detected. Experts within the company are under 18 different categories, from games to financial services. 3.335 put the mobile application under the spotlight.

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Analysis result per application average 39 it turned out to be an information security issue. The company in total 3.137 says that unique vulnerabilities have been discovered, that the vulnerabilities are of your personal data may cause leakage.

Open source code is the cause of the vulnerabilities

According to Synopsys, the main cause of the security vulnerabilities is that the developers wrote a long time ago, but still continue to be used in its original form. Open source code snippets use. Open source codes, of time and money It is frequently used by developers because it saves money.

There is an overwhelming majority of 94% of the vulnerabilities detected. patches It can be closed using. However, for the rest, there is no patch solution available yet, so serious risk aforementioned. Of the recently discovered vulnerabilities, 46% of the “high risk“Let’s say you are in the group.

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