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Apple CEO’s Tim CookGave an interview to American journalist Kara Swisher, and leading the company made statements about his plans. As CEO in the next 10 years that you can leave the task says Cook, that a long time He noted that he was and refused to specify the exact date of his departure.

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Cook About the subject as: “10 more years? Probably not. But now I can say that I am feeling fine and that I cannot give an exact date yet. But 10 years is a long time, and my future leadership probably won’t take more than 10 years.. ” said.

Apple looking for Cook’s successor

Swisher ayrıca If he didn’t work at Apple he asked what he could do. In response, he loved the company and life without Apple, you can’t imagine told. Tim Cook has been with Apple since 1997. Founder Steve Jobsafter the death of In 2011 took over the company. Cook in 2020 60th birthday when many people celebrate how much longer she that he will continue his duty he started to argue.

Bloomberg also Apple’s succession planning reported that he focused. Possibly, potential candidates considered for the Apple CEO position are the head of hardware. Jeff Williams and chief operating officer John Ternus.

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