Amazon’s action-packed new movie that is promising among video streaming platforms A new trailer of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse has been released.

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The first names from the cast of the series, which will tell the side story of The Boys, have been announced.

Ubisoftmany times adapted his books to the game Tom Clancy’Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, this action movie based on the novel of the same name, 30 Nisan’da It will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

Successful actress in the lead role of the movie Michael B. Jordan has. The remaining names as follows: Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Lauren London, Cam Gigandet, Luke Mitchell and Jack Kesy. Of the movie directed by Stefano Sollima takes over. If the person who adapted it to the script Taylor Sheridan.

The subject of the movie is as follows: The movie, the story and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan one of the most important characters of the universe The fascinating story of John Clark he is telling. His family was murdered in revenge by a unit of Russian soldiers after a secret operation he participated in. senior chef John Clark, chasing assassins at all costs. A naval commando and joining forces with an undercover CIA agent In his pursuit, Clark unwittingly uncovers a massive conspiracy aimed at waging war between the United States and Russia. To his personal dignity and his country torn between his loyalty, with all his enemies to stop this conspiracy he discovered and reveal the powerful behind him. has to fight.


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