BTK, where customers complain about home internet, occasionally warns Vodafone’a BTK punished this time. Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) due to the quality of service in 2019, according to the announcement posted on the website 174 thousand 740 TL It ruled the imposition of administrative fines.

As a rule, the average speed of users in a tariff is must be more than 75 percent. Vodafone was below the download speed at the 24 Mbps tariff in October 2019 and below the upload speed limit of the 4 Mbps ADSL tariff in November. In addition to these tariffs, it was determined that there was no regular measurement and sufficient data was not generated in 4 Mbps, 8 Mbps, 16 Mbps and 24 Mbps tariffs. For these two cases, it was decided to impose two separate administrative fines of 0.003 percent and 0.008 percent of the 2018 net sales amount (1.588.525.391 TL).

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BTK also Millenicom’a also warned. In the second period of 2019, BTK’s warning will be in written on the BTK website for 1 month, since the customer service response time is below the specified limit. If it continues in the following periods, a fine may be imposed.


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