Published by Blizzard Entertainment and developed by Vicarious Visions. Diablo II: Resurrectedwas officially announced last month. Now too date for alpha test vwas masculine.

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The alpha of the game April 9At Turkey time 17.00’da will start and 12 April Turkey 20 hours: 00 will continue until. Unfortunately, not every user will be able to join Alfa. Opened after the announcement of the game alpha test application among those who filled randomly will be chosen. An e-mail will be sent to those selected in a short time. So if you registered, in the next days To take a good look at your mailbox There are benefits.

In alpha test only Barbarian, Amazon ve Sorceress classes will be found. In game to full version 7 different classes has. The players are in the testing phase Duriel will be able to face with.

If the registration phase if you missed It is known that one or more tests will be held in the upcoming period, when the registration process begins We will pass it on to you .. Diablo 2 Resurrected, this year PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch ve PC going out for


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