In PlayStation games a new sale has started. However, this time the discounts are not on PlayStation Store. Discounts of games Valid in boxed versions.

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New sales have started on PlayStation Store: up to 86% deals!

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Discounts are unfortunately not on all games, only selected 2K ve Rockstar Games Valid in games. When we look at the discounts GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Outer Worlds, NBA 2K21 ve Mafia we see games like.

Especially The Outer Worldsof the price fine I have to say that it is. The rate of discounts varies from game to game. Where discounts apply The deadline is April 26, 2021. Games at a discount in technology markets and web stores you can find. We have added the web page of some technology markets with a link for you below. When you click on the link directly PlayStation Games You will reach the section.

In this type of discounts, the stocks of the games that it was done in a short time we can say. So if you want to buy It is useful to hurry.

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