With the release of the new generation game consoles in the past months console prices it was on the agenda again. Increasing exchange rate followed by extra taxes Unfortunately, the price of game consoles has increased considerably. The actors are very upset about this. In the past hours Anadolu AgencyAccording to the news of TOGED, that is Game Developers Association of Turkey contacted the Ministry of Commerce for this issue.

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In the past hours Game Developers’ Association of Turkey (TOGEDDA) Chairman Ali Ergun, in Turkey supporting the development of the game industry and that they are carrying out various studies on behalf of game consoles. high taxes about He said that they conveyed their solutions and suggestions to the Ministry of Commerce.

The opinions and suggestions submitted by TOGED to the Ministry of Trade are as follows:

“While the game industry of our country is in its golden age in terms of production, We do not have a company that produces game consoles. The number of companies producing game consoles all over the world it does not exceed a few. While the latest tax regulations make it difficult for consumers to access game consoles, on the other hand, our companies developing games for game consoles in our country. It makes it difficult to reach the end user. The further acceleration of the development of the game industry in our country will be possible by encouraging production for game consoles and easy access to the game that consumers want. Considering that all of our developers in the industry today started out by playing games at a young age and as part of this culture, today’s gaming consumers are the potential game ecosystem employees of the future. In this direction, brought to game consoles the elimination of additional taxes and the reduction of special consumption tax the development of the game industry and its abolition We believe that it will make a significant contribution to the service export of our country.

We hope that these suggestions of TOGED will be taken into consideration and we will get good news for the players in the near future. If there is any development on the subject, we will pass it on to you.


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