Apple’s boss Tim CookIn an interview with American journalist Kara Swisher iOS 14.5announced the release date. Speaking to the New York Times, the experienced manager is a few weeks He said it would be published within.

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Judging by Tim Cook’s statements, the final version of iOS 14.5 April will be available within. With the release of the update, Apple, Application Tracking Transparency It will introduce a new policy called (ATT).

What will Application Monitoring Transparency do?

As part of Application Tracking Transparency, developers to track users “asking a permission“They will have to. In other words, users your apps they will be able to decide whether to follow them or not.

Cook advises developers on Application Tracking Transparency. to act hastily He recommended. Because this policy unmet Updates of the applications will be rejected and will not be published in the App Store. As a result, developers should be able to ATT requirements they need to be overhauled to meet.

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