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Appleis considering introducing a new battery-related feature in future iPhone devices. The company ‘Smart advice for charging notification‘included the descriptions of the new feature in a patent he received with the title. This feature will follow user habits and determine when an iPhone will run out of charge, warning the user in advance to charge the device.

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Notification will be sent based on past charge data

Currently, all devices warn their users when they fall below a certain charging threshold. On a busy day or when there is no source to charge their phone at that moment, users compulsorily try to use their charges more efficiently. Technology giant AppleWith its new patent, it will indicate that its users need to charge their devices by sending a notification before they reach the threshold of charging.

According to the new patent, the phone will collect and process the user’s charging frequency and historical charge status information at a large number of regular intervals, and then inform the user whether the phone will charge until the next high-probability charging time.

This feature mentioned in the patent is not unfamiliar to Mac users, but the new system will be more detailed as it will also determine user behavior on different days of the week. There is no detail about when this system will be available on iPhones.

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