Apple Watch owns EKG Thanks to its ability, it can help detect conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib). Thanks to this feature, some users with heart disease that you saved your life we even hear.

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A new study by Stanford University researchers researchApple Watch, which stands out with its health-oriented features, cardiovascular diseases revealed that it can be used as a reliable telemedicine solution to detect.

Data collected from 110 participants

According to the researchers, the data collected by the device is used to detect heart diseases. in clinical setting can be used. 110 participants with cardiovascular disease VascTrack I was given an iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 3 with the app installed.

Participants are at home weekly via the VascTrac app. 6MWT While conducting (6-minute walking test), both devices collected data such as daily step counts. Data provided by the participants followed for six months positive result It was seen to give.

Data close to clinical tests

In the tests, iPhone and Apple Watch with 90% accuracy “fragility“It turns out that it can analyze accurately. In other words, the passive data collected at home is almost as good as predicting the risk of heart disease.” clinic based he thought it was as accurate as a test.

Purpose of the research, health measurement and to show whether wearables capable of tracking fitness can collect clinically reliable health data. As a result to smart devices based on measurements about people with cardiovascular disease clinically It was determined that he could provide accurate and meaningful information.

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