Digital content platform that has served free of charge until today GainAs of today, it has introduced a paid subscription option called Gain Premium. Some of the content on Gain will continue to be released for free.

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Local digital content platform Gain started broadcasting for free

How much does Gain Premium cost?

Price of the package called Gain Premium 21.90 TL per month determined as. Sorry, there is no free trial or family package option available. There is no difference in image quality between Free and Premium subscription. There is only content difference.

A lot of new content came to Gain with Gain Premium. You need to be subscribed to watch these contents. As a domestic production “Synchronous” and “Method” Two new series named. “The Line That Separates Us” Another production will be added. “Years and Years”, “Zoeys’ Extraordinary Playlist”, “One Captain”, “Corporate”, “David Bowie: The Last Five Years”, “Dead Pixels”, “Confess”, “Motherland” and “The Girlfriend Experience ”productions have been added.

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Gain, which was only watched on mobile devices before, started broadcasting on its web page last month. Recently, Apple TV and Android TV applications were released.

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