The second game in the open world action game Dying Light series, published by Techland Publishing and developed by Techland Dying Light 2 A few new details about it have been announced.

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Dying Light’s Senior Technology Programmer Lukasz Burdka, recently participated in an interview with WCCFTech and there game map made some comments about. As you know, Dying Light’s first game to the open world had and second game in the same way will have the open world.

As Lukasz Burdka said map of the second game approximately from the first game Will be 4 times bigger but he said it was an estimate. Horizontally out of size vertically gives much bigger the game will be will be much wider and there will be so much to discover. It was recently announced that the game will have 3 different modes on the new generation consoles. These modes are: Quality (ray tracing will be found), Performance (60+ FPS) and 4K.

In the past years, the developers of the game have not a larger map fuller map he said they knew what he wanted. Dying Light 2, bu yıl içerisinde PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One ve PC will be released for.


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