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Launched as an information sharing platform in June 2005 Yahoo Answersis permanently closed by the company. From May 4th, users will be redirected to the Yahoo home page if they wish to enter the Yahoo Answers page.

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Until June 30, users will be able to download their data

Verizon Media Group for $ 5 billion in 2017 by Yahoosays the decline in popularity is one of the reasons for the platform’s discontinuation.

The company also announced the roadmap for the platform’s shutdown. Users, April 20It will no longer be able to post new questions or answers, but will be able to view posted questions and answers until May 4. May 4The site will be closed in. 30 JuneUntil, users will be able to download all of their Yahoo Answers data.

The company sent an additional note to active members of the Yahoo Answers community explaining the shutdown. In Yahoo’s message: “We launched Yahoo Answers sixteen years ago to help people from all over the world connect and share information. You and millions of other users are the best place on the web and global to ask and answer questions on various topics. We have created a knowledge sharing community. We are proud of what we have accomplished together, but we are reaching out to inform you that we have decided to close Yahoo Answers on May 4, 2021. “

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