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German automotive giant Mercedes continues to renew its product range. This time the company underwent a make-up operation. Mercedes-Benz CLSuncovered. There are small touches in the design of the renewed CLS and updates in the engine range.

The shutter design of the make-up Mercedes-Benz CLS has been overhauled and the chrome strip that wraps the logo in this area has been thinned and made more stylish. In addition, there is a wing that extends all the way and a more sporty front bumper with L-shaped details on the sides. There are new options in the color range of the make-up CLS, which also features new 19-inch wheels.

There is also a minimal change in the interior of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz CLS. The first striking detail is the new three-spoke steering wheel with glossy black details. Sensors that detect your hands are placed on the steering wheel. Thus, it is aimed to prevent false warnings while the semi-autonomous driving system of the CLS is active. In addition, there are new wood trim and nappa leather upholstery options in the interior.

Under the hood of the facelifted CLS are diesel and gasoline engines. Diesel side entry level CLS 220 d version has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit that produces 194 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. This version completes the 0-100 km / h acceleration in 7.5 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 237 km / h. In addition, the CLS 300 d 4MATIC version with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing 265 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque is also on the list.

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In the version in question 48V mild hybrid technology is also included. This system provides support up to 20 hp to the diesel engine during sudden acceleration. CLS 300 d 4MATIC In this way, it completes the 0-100 km / h acceleration in 6.4 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 250 km / h. Featuring 3.0 liter six-cylinder unit, the most powerful option on the diesel side CLS 400 d 4MATIC With 330 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque output, it completes the 0-100 km / h acceleration in 5.2 seconds.

Gasoline options CLS 350 begins with. The version with 2.0 liter unit produces 299 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. The 0-100 km / h acceleration time of the mentioned version is 6.1 seconds. CLS 450 4MATIC The 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine produces 367 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. This version, which completes the acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds, also includes mild hybrid technology.

Finally, it has a 3.0 liter six-cylinder unit CLS 53 4MATIC+ It produces 435 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. This performance model, which completes 0-100 km / h acceleration in 4.5 seconds, also includes 48V light hybrid support that supports 22 horsepower in sudden acceleration.

The price of the make-up CLS is not yet clear. However, the price of the current version in our country starts from 1.678.500 TL and goes up to 2.553.000 TL.

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