Published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare, it is one of the most important game series in the action RPG genre. Mass Effect üçlemesinin renewed Mass Effect Legendary EditionThe innovations of the company were detailed a little more and a video was shared.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition above all graphically more advanced it will appear in a way, but as a plus in terms of gameplay enhancements and differences We’ll see. Electronic Arts will offer many improvements in the game, especially in the use of weapons. More good tenderness and aiming more comfortably. On the gameplay side close fight We can see that there are various innovations for The melee enemy will no longer be selected automatically, you can choose it yourself.

Except for the innovations on the gameplay side in non-war parts and there are also innovations on the war environment side. Improvements to this new game different from original games though things generally the game will still look familiar, It was also stated that it was made only for improvement.

You can learn all the innovations and developments in detail here. Aforementioned comparison video You can also find it below. Mass Effect Legendary Edition, On May 14 It will debut for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. With backward compatibility on new generation consoles can also be played.


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