Survival game with a first-person perspective, published by Sony and developed by Blue Box Game Studios, founded in the Netherlands. Abandoned, Announced for PlayStation 5.

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Abondoned, the new game exclusive to PlayStation 5, is basically Survival horror game with first person perspective. The game promises to offer an extremely detailed open world. The first details shared about the game are as follows:

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Game, Jason Longfield waking up in a strange forest focuses on the story of the main character named. Not remembering how he got into the woods, Jason realizes that he has been kidnapped for a dark cause. Your main goal in the game is to survive and escape from the forest.

  • Realistic Character Interaction

Every event in the game has an effect on the character. For example, if Jason is out of breath after running or when he is scared it will be harder to target. The use of weapons will also be very realistic.

To increase interaction with the game Features of the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense will also use. Players will be able to feel every interaction in the game thanks to the controller.

Game 60 FPS at native 4K resolution aims to give. It also promises realistic graphics, smooth character animations, and minimal load times.

Abandoned, bu in the last months of the year It will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5. You can find the announcement video below.


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