Pandeminin As a result of video calls, which increased with the introduction of the inception, factors affecting the quality of the conversation began to attract more attention. One of them is background noise.

Nvidia’s RTX Voice application, which removes disturbing background noises using artificial intelligence, made RTX video card users smile. However, users can use RTX Voice on GTX graphics cards and even Under windows 7 had managed to run.

RTX Voice will also work on GTX cards

After the intervening time Nvidia RTX Voice’a Kepler and later GTX also added graphics cards to the support list. 410.18 and later using the drive Windows 10 installed in systems RTX Voice can be used.

RTX card users, on the other hand, already have advanced features with RTX Voice integrated. RTX Broadcast’a they have. Finally, according to users’ reports, in games with RTX Voice turned on 8-20% performance loss and Up to 30 watts more power consumption can be observed.

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