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Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank, Norwegian warehouse automation and robotics firm AutoStorebought 40% of the. To SoftBank To $ 2.8 billion The acquisition deal, which will cost, is expected to be completed within this month.

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Hyundai buys robot maker Boston Dynamics for $ 921 million

SoftBank, AutoStore’s shares40% American private equity group Thomas H will buy from Lee Partners and Swedish venture capital firm EQT. Thus, the total value of the robot technology company To 7.7 billion dollars will reach.

With this move, SoftBank offers to robotics and e-commerce companies. to invest revealed that it continues. Through Vision Fund, the company’s investment arm, billions of dollars flowed.

Developed technology that maximizes storage space

Exactly 25 years ago Ingvar Hognaland AutoStore, established by maximize developed a technology that provides. Giant brands in this regard productivity offers focused solutions.

The company operates in 35 countries 20,000 robots and its technology is four times more He says he allows him to store goods. Among AutoStore’s customers Best Buy, Panasonic, Siemens ve Puma There are companies like.

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