Last week, data belonging to 533 million people were leaked from the Facebook database and an investigation was opened in our country. The statement made by Facebook, on the other hand, is of the kind that will make the hair head.

It was actually stolen two years ago!

Facebook Product Manager Mike Clark He argues that theft of 533 million data, which is on the agenda of the technology world, is not new. In fact, the leaks are from 2019, and the social network giant didn’t have the opportunity to share it with the press.

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It is claimed that 533 million data was obtained from the users themselves, not from the database, but by using the contact transfer tool developed to invite people in the directory to Facebook.

In 2019, Facebook developed this tool to prevent infiltrations and sent press releases to many media organizations. However, in the researches conducted at that time, it was understood that Facebook did not mention such a subject.

So, in short, Facebook implies that the massive data leak is not a cyber attack, and is partly caused by users themselves. Mike Clark adds that those who steal this data will be haunted and that they will make such transmission tools much more secure.

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