Publishing victuraand its development is Highwire Gameshave a first-person perspective made by Six Days in Fallujah’a reactions started to come.

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The gameplay video of Six Days in Fallujah, the game similar to Call of Duty, which is about the war in Iraq, was shared.

Six Days in Fallujah would normally be published by Konami, but anti-war groups and war veterans Konami canceled the game as a result of the reactions following the criticism of the game. At game victura has been announced again in the past months. However, the game He started getting reactions.

Washington DC based, established for Muslims American-Islamic Relations Council; Valve communicating with Sony and Microsoft for the release of the game. demanded that they refuse. The companies do not yet have an explanation of the situation. Coordinator of the American-Islamic Relations Council Huzaifa Shahbaz He made the following statement regarding the situation:

“Microsoft, Sony and Valve; a world that will normalize violence against Muslims Arab murder simulator We ask him to refuse to publish Six Days in Fallujah. Six Days in Fallujah, where hundreds of civilians lost their lives it serves to justify violence and strengthen anti-Muslimism. “

Six Days in Fallujah, 2004’te Iraqrealized in II. Battle of FallujahIt is the subject of. In order for the studio to tell the events in the most realistic way he interviewed many soldiers was specified. Game this year inside consoles and PC will be released for.

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