Everyone knows how strict and aggressive Apple is when it comes to protecting brand logos. In the past years, he even sued a pear-shaped logo on the grounds that it reminded him of his own apple logo. Now it’s time for a bottle of water producer.

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Apple has declared war on the pear logo this time

Georgette LLC also got its share

Apple two years ago Norwegian Process Party‘s logo was very similar to his own logo and the party logo was changed. Last year too Prepear his company complained that the pear logo was very similar to its own logo, and the logo was changed again.

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Apple this time Georgette LLC complained about bottled water manufacturer named. Stating that the apple logo on the bottles is very similar to its logo and causes confusion in the minds of the consumer, Apple again demands change.

It is possible to say that the logos of both Georgette LLC and the Norwegian Process Party looked like an apple, but the pear logo did not seem to have much to do. Still, Apple was very uncomfortable with the design and outlines. In general, we can say that Apple’s logo complaints have yielded results.


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