Posted in a new Cisco Talos Intelligence investigation of hackers to victims malware to distribute Slack and Discord It shows that it is increasingly using remote collaboration platforms such as.

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Coronavirus Due to the epidemic, many organizations are turning to remote collaboration platforms, hackers keep pace with the age. attack tactics resulted in the replacement. Hackers installed malware on Slack and Discord platforms, which were on the rise after Covid-19.seem safe“getting links.

Cyber ​​attackers can then use these links to malware. e-mail via or other in chat apps They are trying to trap users by sharing. Discord before Thanatos It was also used to distribute ransomware.

File hosting features are misused

Abusing the file hosting features of platforms such as Discord and Slack, most common It has become one of the methods of attack. Among the malware installed on these platforms Phoenix Keylogger and LimeRAT is also available.

Cisco researchers are very helpful when clicking links related to remote collaboration platforms. to be careful proposes. By ignoring unfamiliar or distrusted links, you can effectively protect yourself against such attacks. your protection possible.

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