To be held by Apple in early June WWDC 2021 The first signs are coming for iOS 15, which is expected to be introduced at the event. It gives hints of the icon changes Apple has made in its own applications.

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What will iOS 15 offer?

One of the first signs of the iOS 15 version that will be available to the Apple mobile device ecosystem has appeared in Apple’s own applications. Applications that have adopted a plain icon understanding to date are getting a little deeper.

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Apple Music for Artists and App Store Connect The new versions of the apps also change the icons. The icon design, which focuses on simplicity, gains a little more depth and vitality in the new version.

Sources believe Apple will bring the iOS 15 interface to a similar line with macOS BigSur. We will probably be able to see this more clearly in the application updates to be made in the upcoming period. All details will be announced at WWDC 2021 fair.

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