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In the past days, the company cover the mobile part confirming LGthree for premium smartphones from the year it was purchased with current users in mind. Android announced that it will offer support until the operating system update.

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Some models will receive two years of updates

Announcing in a post, the South Korean technology giant stated that the three OS update warranties will be applied to the G-series, V-series, Velvet and Wing smartphones released in 2019 or later.

The company says that not all devices will receive three OS updates. LG Stylo reported that 2020 models such as the K series and the K series will receive two OS updates. LG, your definitive program GoogleHe said the OS will depend on the deployment timeline and other factors such as device performance and compatibility.

LG announced that it will close its mobile division as of July 31st. The company will continue to produce phones in the second quarter to fulfill contractual obligations to partners. The tech giant has been around for six years 4.5 billion dollars in damage. LG aims to move out of the competitive smartphone industry and invest more in other industries.

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