Announcing its decision to close the shutter this week after 25 years in the smartphone market, LG will not produce any models from now on and will continue to support existing models. The fate of the LG V70 and roll phone project has also been announced.

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LG officially confirmed: Mobile division shuts down

What about the LG V70?

Shortly before LG V70 An image of his smartphone was leaked to the internet, and it was claimed that LG could offer this model before closing. Today, a denial came from the company about this.

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LG spokesperson stated that he is not sure that the leaked photos are real and that there will be no phone development projects for the coming period. So the expectations of both the LG V70 and the rolled smartphone fell through.

Even though it launched remarkable phones, LG, which could not attract consumer attention, had to throw a towel when it could not resist the increasingly intense competition. From now on, the LG Mobile brand will only live in memories.

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