Microsoft finally three years ago Windows 10 to its users Microsoft Paint He decided to keep his promise for the desktop application.

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Microsoft’un, In the spring of 2017the classic that has been part of Windows for decades PaintAnnouncing that will disappear from the system within six months and Paint 3D Recall releasing a “creative” Windows 10 Creators Update with an app called. This development users make you angry and unhappy had brought. In a few days, the company started using its classic graphics software. Microsoft Store promised to make it available for everyone to download.

Notepad will share the same fate

Since that time More than 3 years Some time has passed and Microsoft has only now fulfilled its promise. Microsoft Paint page appeared in Microsoft Store, but yet Unable to download. The application that is opened for download soon, from the operating system It can be updated separately.

Big in the fall of 2021 Windows 10 gIn its update (Windows 10 21H2, codenamed Sun Valley), it turned out to be unpopular Paint 3D application from the system to be removed Let’s remind. Also, Windows 10 21H2 by driving together with another veteran of the system Notebook application to Microsoft Store carry over Waiting.

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