We wouldn’t be wrong to say that we first started seeing the names of important photography giants in the smartphone market with Nokia. It was Nokia that introduced the Carl Zeiss brand to the world of smartphones. After that, we saw many different brands in the market. Now it’s time for Olympus.

Samsung and Olympus cooperation

Nokia’s Carl Zeiss After the deep cooperation with Leica, Huawei’s partnership with Leica continued for a long time. OnePlus firm also HasselBlad collaborated on more advanced sensors.

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SamsungSources close to, claim that the camera partnership with Olympus will be announced this year. Samsung and the Japanese Olympus are currently in talks. The Japanese giant, which has been on the market for more than 100 years, will sign high-end sensors in Samsung phones.

Yet Olympus It is not clear which phones will be used, but resources are Galaxy Fold 3 he thinks Olympus will make an appearance in his version for the first time. Some sources claim that this will happen with the Galaxy S22 in 2022.

With the development of smart phone cameras, it is a fact that the photography industry has begun to struggle. With such partnerships, both a new spreading area and a new income method can be obtained. Olympus announced last year that it was divesting its camera division.


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