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Samsunghas a foldable screen tablet patented the model. This tablet model visualized by Letsgodigital in the upcoming period It is highly likely to go on sale.

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Analystler According to the active expansion of the foldable smartphone series, a similar display Samsung tablet It shows that its launch is only a matter of time. Dated February 16, 2021, US Patent and Trademark Office The emergence of a new patent issued by Samsung, a new device segment reveals his vision.

Samsung has not made an official statement yet

Tabletin characteristics One of its features is in the folding area in the thickness of the case a significant increase and a towards the upper and lower edges reduction We can say that it is. One for the front camera on the screen notch or hole The absence is also quite remarkable. The thickest part of the case hinge Given that it is in the field, the manufacturer is here stereo speakers, a charging port and a power button placed.

The device has only one the concept And let us point out that it continues to exist in the form of a patent. Technology giant Samsungflexible screen tablet plans yet an official statement has not done.

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