Recently, we have started to see examples of mobile sensors that almost increase the resolution of Samsung, but the Sony wind is still blowing in the market. The company owns almost half of the mobile sensor market.

Sony mi Samsung mu?

A single camera sensor is not enough for anyone anymore in phones today. While consumers are even noses at two, cameras with 3 or 4 sensors attract more attention. The mobile sensor market is also on the rise, as the average number of cameras in a phone exceeds two.

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Strategy Analytics According to the analysis made by, the mobile sensor market has reached a size of $ 15 billion. Although smartphone sales decreased by 8.8 percent on a yearly basis, the mobile sensor market grew by 13 percent.

Sony has reached a 46 percent share in the market and has increased by 2 points on a yearly basis. Samsung has a 29 percent share and fell by 3 points. The OmniVision brand has a 10 percent share, and all other brands have a 15 percent share.

It is stated that the weakening of Huawei in the market will adversely affect Sony. Sony’s share may decrease slightly over the year, but as the number of sensors in phones increases, opportunities will continue in the market.

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