One of the most popular and important game series of both Xbox and the game world Gears of War designer of the series Cliff Bleszinski, announced that he is working on a new game.

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CliffyB Cliff Bleszinski, the designer of the first three Gears of War games, also known as a new game announced that he was working on it. He is definitely one of the important names in the gaming industry, but unfortunately in 2018, he was a player in the gaming industry. that you took a break had explained. According to his last statement, we can say that he returned to the sector again.

Explaining that he is working on some new stuff on Twitter, Cliff Bleszinski, unfortunately, has no did not share details. However, the new game’s answers to the questions asked by its followers, Gears of War series with a has nothing to do with we can understand.

Most likely the game is also in the development phase at the very beginning. We hope that in the future, about the game we will learn more details.

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