Publishing and developing by DHGames in the role-playing, roguelike and strategy genre Heroic ExpeditionThe release date for mobile devices has been postponed.

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Release date in the past weeks As of April 7 Unfortunately, the release date of the announced Heroic Expedition experienced a slight delay at the last minute. Of the game The new release date is April 9, 2021.

At the exit free If you want the game right now App Store or Google Play You can pre-order via. The game’s store pages, the caption and the video you can find it below.

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Exploring RPG Heroic Expedition comes to mobile devices

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Heroic Expeditio‪n‬
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Xiaoqin Bai

1.3 GB

Heroic Expedition
Heroic Expedition
Heroic Expedition

Heroic Expedition


Role Play

Introductory Letter

An immersive RPG game with different game modes. Fight against the Catastrophic Lord who plagued the Holy Land and save the world from chaos! Adventurers grow up here! Begin your magnificent journey in the Holy Land!

Game Features:

  • Discover a Fantastic Nors Story
  • A unique drawing style and visual themes!
  • Fight against the Cataclysmic Lord who devastated the Holy Land
  • Ongoing Awards While You Don’t Play
  • Keep fighting and earning rewards even when you’re not in the game!
  • Start upgrades when you re-enter the game!
  • Fight auto, collect auto, and get loot with one click!
  • Enlighten and Evolve Epic Heroes
  • Collect completely different 3D characters belonging to 5 different factions!
  • Choose your hero group as you wish. Build your own dream team!
  • Use your dazzling skills on the battlefield!
  • Build Your OWN City and Unlock the Locked Parts of the Game
  • Build your own city and improve your heroes!
  • Become a true hero with brand new adventures, equipment, battles and upgrades!
  • Different and strategic PVE modes with campaign, labyrinth, dimension bosses!

Compete with Players from All Over the World

Prove your strength in solo matches and cross-server tournaments. Become the ruler of the arena and win awesome prizes! Join a tribe and fight alongside your friends. Earn more resources by improving your tribe!


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