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For Google targeted advertising work third tarf cookie a new user-related data collecting plans to switch to the method. The system in question can be used with a limited number of users. to be tested has begun.

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So far users to your interests Third party cookies were being used to display advertisements. However, by default, browsers use third-party cookies. to prevent users can easily use these cookies with extensions. out of order The fact that he could quit pushed the company to different searches

Google based on grouping users with similar interests Federated Learning of Cohorts He is developing a new method of ad serving called (FLoC). Search giant is the internet users of this method online privacy argues that it will increase.

How will the FLoC system work?

The new system allows like-minded users according to their browsing history. grouping It will work with the logic. That is, what third-party cookies do directly of the scanner by making it through itself. According to the group they belong to users, a “cohort number“to be assigned.

Ad publishers can access this number to inform users based on their interests. personalized advertisement They will be able to do the demonstration. Google is a better alternative, also in theory personal He thinks that it will eliminate the information that can be defined as.

The FLoC system is currently on users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the United States. being tested. It is enabled for 0.5% of Chrome users in the regions listed above. Soon globally will expand.

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