Of the new generation consoles As you know, there are technological developments in the controllers of the consoles and the design is changing, even if it is small. Xbox Although it has presented its controllers with minor changes for years PlayStation, It offers bigger changes than Xbox.

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We are the most talked about and place in the sector so far. some controllers where there is a We prepared a questionnaire. As we said, we tried to add the most talked about to the list because It was a little difficult for us to add all the controllers to the list. If you still don’t like the options “Other” You can check the option.

Finally Xbox One controller The reason we didn’t add it to the list is that it’s largely the same as the Xbox Series controller. That’s why if your choice is Xbox One Controller ilse Xbox Elite 2’yi you can choose. If you do not remember the controllers completely, you can also add a gallery we leave. From there, you can find the options in the survey, in order.

Which controller do you think is the best?

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