One of the major developers of PlayStation, perhaps one of the most important Naughty Dog New information about the emerged.

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The debut trailer of Demon’s Souls Remake, the highly anticipated game of PS5, shared

The Last of Us Remake in Development for PS5

First of all, it was published in 2013 and has become one of the most important games in the game world. ilk The Last of Us your game remake versionnamely, the rebuilt version was announced. The Last of Us Remake, It will be released for PlayStation 5. This remake version was started in development at an otherwise unannounced San Diego studio, but the studio has been disbanded and the game is now being reopened. Naughty Dog’un elinde. Naughty Dog’s first plan Uncharted: Drake’s FortuneIt was to remake but the project was abandoned.

Days Gone 2 Canceled

One of the most important games of the platform in the PlayStation 4 era and in the past months For pc also announced The sequel to Days Gone It is cancelled. Your first game make a profit and the second game that Bend Studio presented to Sony, despite positive reviews It is cancelled. From the authors of the game John Garvin many key names, including left the studio. One of Bend Studio’s two current teams is helping with the development of a multiplayer game. Most likely previously announced The Las of Us’ın online modu.

Uncharted’s New Game In Development

Bend Studio’s second team is On Naughty Dog’s new Uncharted game was working but the studio was entirely afraid of being a downline of Naughty Dog insisted on developing his own projects and They left the Uncharted project. There is no information about the fate of Uncharted, but it will very likely be continued.

To the team who want to make their own project started working on a new game. Unfortunately there is a information is not available.





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