Published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Arkane Lyon Deathloop, once again postponed.

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At first Expected to debut in 2020 Deathloop was postponed to the second quarter of 2021, May 21, 2021. However, the game was delayed once again in the past hours and new release date September 14, 2021 happened. The game published by Bethesda is probably on the console. It will be the last game exclusive to PlayStation 5. As you know Microsoft bought Bethesda and now the priority side is on the Xbox.

Deathloop on September 14, 2021 PC ve PlayStation 5 will be released for. Game Features of DualSense It was specially designed for use. Developer studio Below is the explanation of Arkane Lyon and the introduction of the game. you can find.

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Introductory Letter

DEATHLOOP is a next-generation first-person shooter from the award-winning studio Arkane Lyon behind the Dishonored series. In DEATHLOOP, there are two rival assassins on Blackreef Island who are destined to repeat the same day forever. As Colt, your only chance to escape is to end the cycle by eliminating the eight main targets before the day resets. Learn new things from each cycle; Try different paths, gather information, find new weapons and abilities. Do whatever it takes to break the cycle.


Each new cycle means a new opportunity to change things. Change your play style using the knowledge you learn with each attempt. If you want, kill your targets one by one without attracting attention, or dive into the fight and let the bullets fly in the air. With each cycle, you will learn new secrets, gather information about both your goals and Blackreef Island, and expand your arsenal. You will have a range of extraterrestrial abilities and weapon options and use these vehicles in combat that is as devastating as they are striking. Use what you have wisely to survive in this deadly game where hunter and prey face off.


Are you a hero or a villain? With the character Colt, you’ll experience the main story of DEATHLOOP by hunting targets all over Blackreef Island, breaking the loop and getting your freedom. At the same time, another player will be able to control your opponent, Julianna, who is trying to hunt you down. If you want to add a little sneaking into the game, you can also put on Julianna’s cool shoes and infiltrate another player’s game to kill Colt. Playing the game in multiplayer is completely optional; You can also choose to have the Julianna controlled by artificial intelligence in your own story.

Blackreef Island; Heaven or Punishment?

Arkane; It is known for its magnificent artistic worlds, with multiple options and instant gameplay. DEATHLOOP; It offers a striking, retro-future and 60s-inspired setting that feels like a character in itself. Blackreef may be a cool wonderland, but for Colt it is a corrupt world prison where death is pointless and the fun of the criminals holding him captive is endless.

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