Los Angeles-based real estate company Caruso is one of the leading companies in the USA and the world. crypto money established a partnership with Gemini, one of the exchanges. As part of this collaboration, Caruso is now one of its customers. Payment with BTC will be able to accept.

Caruso did not settle with that either and invested some of its assets in Bitcoin as a reserve currency. CEO of Tesla and SpaceX among Caruso’s tenants Elon Musk is also included. Caruso’s move may result in Elon Musk, who has recently been closely interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, paying his rent with Bitcoin.

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Founder and general manager of Caruso Rick CarusoHe stated that he has not yet had any meetings with the billionaire businessman, but that Musk may be the first customer to pay his rent with cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Rick Caruso noted:

“I haven’t talked to Elon about it. He may be the first to take the lead on this and pay his rent in Bitcoin.”

Very recently, in February, Elon Musk’s company Tesla added to Bitcoin as a reserve currency. $ 1.5 billion investment he explained that he did. In March we left behind, the autonomous vehicle manufacturer Tesla announced that it started accepting payments with Bitcoin.


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