Huawei, which has worked hard to spread the Harmony OS platform that it developed, announced its new smart screens this week. Smart Screen V series stand-alone screens are shaped on the basis of Harmony OS.

Huawei Smart Screen V features and price

Smart Screen V The smart display series can be defined as ARM-based integrated 4K computer systems where the company focuses on design and functionality. The screens with 3 sides are thin, and there is a mechanism camera.

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Consisting of 2 Cortex-A73 and 2 Cortex-A53 cores Honghu 818 3GB RAM and 16GB / 32GB storage are used in the series powered by the chipset. The HDR Vivid certification, which can automatically adjust the image settings according to the metadata in each scene, is used for the first time in a smart display. Huawei has also made some touches for fluid images.

At the rear is the sound system optimized by Devialet. The 9-drive system goes up to 75W and drops to the lowest 30W. The special Devialet mode can spread the sound into the room in 3 dimensions according to the scene.

Harmony OS Using the advantages of the platform, the screen is NFC supported. You can transfer the contents to the screen by touching your smartphone to the screen. The 24MP wide-angle camera can follow the user continuously in frame thanks to artificial intelligence. While talking with the camera, you can watch content on the screen at the same time.

Huawei Smart Screen V The range is available in sizes 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. The 55-inch model offers 750nits of brightness, while others can go up to 1000nits. While all models have a refresh rate of 120Hz, 168 lighting zones in the 85-inch model provide more flexible zone lighting. The Huawei Smart Screen V series has price tags of $ 839 -1221 $ -2136 $ -3358, respectively.




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