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Recently, Apple’s iPad and MacBook problems due to semiconductor shortage in production rumors had. Now, three new Apple tablet models – iPad mini and in two sizes iPad Pro – vivid photos were revealed.

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Apple may launch iPad model with OLED display next year

Such models are usually by the manufacturersshortly before the final version of the device is released evaluate the design created for. As always, iPad mini 6 and new iPad Pros of final design there is a possibility that they are different from the models, but generally what can be seen in these photos with previous leaks consistent.

Judging by these photos, iPad mini 6 the design of the iPad mini 5 in general wide rim and will protect it by today’s standards with a Home button. According to inside information, the device “a little thickerIt seems, and that’s what analyst Min-Chi Kuo reported. contradicts. Previously iPad mini 6’s thin bezel 8.5 to 9 inches He said he would get a screen of the size.

May be introduced on April 13

New iPad Pro tablets, released on the new MacBook and Mac mini late last year Apple M1 the latest Apple to match the performance of its mobile platform A14X will have the chipset. In addition, the iPad Pro is more bright and contrast of higher one mini LED it will take a screen. Of tablets to triple camera module Let’s also state that they will have.

Finally, the new iPad Pro, as speed USB-Cmuch faster than; a device that allows you to connect monitors, external drives and other peripherals. Thunderbolt will have the entrance. Apple’s new iPad mini 6 and iPad Pro 13 AprilIt is expected to be released in.

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