Following the red team player cards RDNA 2 it may be preparing to move its architecture to the professional field.

Recent photos shared RDNA 2 It belongs to the Radeon Pro card rising above its architecture. The model labeled as Full Secure TT GLXL Navi 21 GLXL GPU’sunu thought to be the basis. Combined with 16GB of VRAM, the Radeon Pro model is also the first card with RDNA 2 architecture and blower fan.

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First RDNA 2 architecture card with blower fan

If we look at the current Navi 21 GPU player cards blower cooling It may be thought to be insufficient. On the other hand, as a result of possible clipping in the GPU and optimizations in the clock speed wing, the card can be pulled to a level that the blower cooler covering 2 slots can overcome.

In the model whose PCB is also displayed RX 6800 XT’ye Although there are some changes compared to the GPU, the similarity in the section where the GPU is located strengthens the prediction that the card is based on Navi 21.

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The Nvidia counterpart of the Radeon Pro family with RDNA 2 architecture is scaled up to 48 GB VRAM. RTX Ampere Series. However Nvidia 12-24 GB The claim that he is working on options explains AMD’s latest engineering model.




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