South Korean tech giant Samsung’s entry-level features tablet We’ve heard about him getting ready to take off before. It looks like Galaxy Tab A7 Lite We will not have to wait too long to meet the device that will enter the market with its name.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with press image

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The new tablet has already left the certification process behind. SM-T225 device with model number Samsung in Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Germany and other European countries Technical support appeared on the pages.

Possible price also leaked

Your tablet in the coming days EuropeIt is expected to be released in the market. Although the technical specifications of the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are not included on the website, the metal body and 8.7 inch LCD We know it will come with a screen. There is more.

Tablet power eight core MediaTek Helio P22T will take from the processor. In addition, 3 GB of RAM, 5.100 mAh It will appear with a battery and a single rear camera. Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 250 euro It is expected to carry a price tag around it.




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